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#TheBlackFantasy: This Can't be a Coincidence!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the 2Graphic blog

It it the beginning of June and Ive recently come across a recent discovery that cannot be just a coincidence.

So in case you weren't aware we have just released our first graphic novel Black Fantasy Vol. #1. This book being 5 years in the making is extremely significant to us because it is our first graphic novel completely produced by us!

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After releasing this book I came across some history that really inspired me.

The plan was to release the book digitally and use the month of June to promote and sell the book while preparing the print version to release in a few weeks.

While preparing everything i came across an article that said this marks the 77th anniversary of the release of the first independently produced African-American comic book.

All-Negro Comics #1 was published in June of 1947. Mr Orrin C. Evans regarded as the "Father of black comic books" was the driving force behind these publications and his story is very similar to my own. With him being the first black writer to cover general assignments for a mainstream white newspaper, me publishing my own magazine in DC for black culture, and both comics being released in June, the parallels are amazing.

Check out the post and more info here!


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