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The #GIVEAWAY is a monthly art raffle where you can win our art and art from our collaborators and sponsors. We then take the proceeds from the raffle and donate to local businesses and charitable organizations.

Enter our raffle by purchasing a #GIVE raffle ticket from our online store or from an establishment we collaborate with.

#GIVE NFT on the way!

How Does The Raffle Work?

The raffle operates using colored raffle tickets. Each color represents a tier or level of art, and each tier is separated by the price of the art you can win.


(Hypothetical but possible)......

Erica was saving up to buy a painting #GIVE was selling for $600. She found out they were offering the painting it in their #GIVEAWAY raffle, so, she knew she had to buy it now or enter the raffle if she wanted to get it for her boyfriend's birthday. Erica knew she wouldn't quite have the $600, so as her last resort she bought a magenta raffle ticket for $250. At the end of the month the winner was announced, and she ended up winning a $600 piece of art for $250. Erica gave the piece to her husband on his birthday, and they ended up getting married next year. They then bought a home, and the piece was hung in their foyer to remind them of their love. The profits from Ericas gift to ger husband also ended up feeding several homeless children through donations to local charities such as the Homeless Childrens Playtime Project.


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