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The First 10 Trading Cards are here!

2Graphic Productions has been producing tons of art and now we've finally put together our first 10 trading cards! But what exactly is so special about them? Well, in addition to having their own purpose each trading card represents a 2Graphic production or idea. It could be a piece of work weve done in the past, a character we've created, or anything else associated with us. The trading cards can also come with a prize, so not only are they collectable but you can also get rewarded for your investment.

Our trading cards are split up into 3 categories:

2Graphic - Our design/work

#GIVE - Community & Charity

Blxck Fantasy - Comics & Anime

As of now the trading cards are only NFT or non-fungible tokens. Purchase an NFT or donate to our fundraiser to help us print them! Once printed, all owners of the NFT will receive the printed trading card of that NFT. Purchasing an NFT will also carry out the purpose of the NFT or support the 2Graphic production/idea.


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