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Introducing the New 2Graphic Mobile Application

The New 2Graphic App

Project Type – Mobile Application (iOS & Android)

Production Team – WebMobril Technologies, 2Graphic Productions, Kevin Alexander

Purpose – The purpose of this application is to provide a platform for 2Graphic Productions LLC through which end users will be able to read our magazine and buy subscription plans on the website. The platform and business conceptualizing this application is based in the DMV area and will initially feature artists and businesses from this area with intent to expand. Users will also be able to purchase products and services provided by 2Graphic Productions such as art, design, apparel, music, and much more.

Application Stakeholders

Become a stakeholder or actor for our application by purchasing a subscription and providing your:

1. Full Name

2. Mobile Number

3. Email Address

4. Password

Stakeholder/Actor Types

Affiliate Users (100)– Affiliate Users will be a part of our advertising subscription plan and be able to manage and display their own profile on platform ($500 + $30/mo) (Artists & Business vendors)

End Users - End users will be able to buy subscription and view all old and new magazines on the platform and have access to specials and discounts ($30/mo)

Stakeholders will be invited to our stakeholder event in August 2023

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