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Announcing The Official #GIVE Comic Release!

I'm super, extra, excited to announce the release of the official #GIVE comic series! Its been a long time coming and there have been many unofficial releases, but I honestly cant take it anymore! I need to drop this fire!!

The reason there has been such a delay with this release is not only because the quality wasn't up to par and there were a lot of pieces to put in place, but also because of other problems beyond my personal control that lead to more of a delay. You Guessed it! Covid-19!

Through all the troubles, false releases and other trials this project and I have been through a lot and id really like to thank everyone who has been supporting it inside and out. Thank You so much!!

This is a fantastic story about the charity, business and brand identity called #GIVE. Its the story of how #GIVE came to be and its impact on the world as our 3 heroes Bryce, Glynn and Ty come to know it. As our 3 come to know more and more about their mysterious pasts, more is revealed about their connection to #GIVE and their connection to each other. Follow their mystical adventure as they unlock the secrets of the Black Fantasy Universe!

The comic will be released on February 21st on so don't miss the official Drop! More info coming soon!

Support the comic by supporting 2Graphic Productions and becoming a Patreon (2Graphic Productions is creating Art, Media, Comics & Animation | Patreon) and entering our raffle for free art and more!!

Official #GIVE Website:

Instagram- @go.g1v3


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