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2Graphic Productions is a Graphic Design and Media production platform based in the DMV. Since our creation in 2019 we've put together tons of projects and come 2024 we hope to create our own mobile application for android and iOS platforms.


Join our exclusive community, subscribe to the magazine, read our comics, buy the merch and a lot more will be available on our new app.


Kick off this year by supporting a new project that will connect plenty of local businesses and business minded and creative individuals. We collaborate with CEMAFEST, The Lake Arbor Jazz Festival, PG Parks & Rec and more. Funds gathered from this fundraiser will be used for the technical development of the app as well as to support the overall development of the campaign.

Any kind of support will not only help 2Graphic Productions but also give back to the community through the #GIVE Community Fund. The #GIVE Community Fund is a Fidelity Charitable Account we established to contribute to the community. Visit our fundraiser for more information!

The 2Graphic Application

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